Keeping HIT Cool!

With temperatures rising, it is tempting to embrace the lazy, hazy days of summer with an air of complacency; even feeling inclined to stop exercising altogether over the season. What is important to remember is that exercise is necessary for… Continue reading Keeping HIT Cool!

Good Vibrations!

While the phrase, “good vibrations” often just conjures up visions of a shirtless Marky Mark working a heavy bag, good vibrations are scientifically proven to be much more important even than a (fabulous) 90’s dance track…though good music definitely helps!… Continue reading Good Vibrations!

Woman Up!

Something pretty spectacular happens when a woman discovers her potential. Something even bigger happens when she realizes that that potential actually has no limit, that there is no cap on how high she can climb, how far she can reach,… Continue reading Woman Up!
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