Keeping HIT Cool!

With temperatures rising, it is tempting to embrace the lazy, hazy days of summer with an air of complacency; even feeling inclined to stop exercising altogether over the season. What is important to remember is that exercise is necessary for maintaining both your physical and mental health, regardless of the time of year! Here are some easy adjustments you can make to adapt to those warmer-weather-workouts!

Embrace the sweat! Sweat is a good thing! Not only does it help cleanse your body of toxins, but when you sweat, it is actually an indicator that your body is doing a fabulous job at regulating its own temperature. So grab that towel and get ready to get sweaty – it’s good for you!

Hydrate! Drink water. All the time. While sweating is great at keeping you cool, it also means you’re losing fluids. Be sure to drink lots of water to replace what you’re losing, to help keep you cool, and to keep your energy up!

Slow Down! We are already using a considerable amount of energy just to maintain our body temperature, it’s ok to slow down those double times a little, to take a little extra time in your reset. You may throw a few less punches, but keep reading to see why this can be super beneficial!

Switch your Focus! Speaking of changing the pace, try switching your perspective on speed from, “how many strikes can I throw in 15 seconds” to staying loose, and on how quickly your punch or kick leaves and comes back to you. This kind of “snappy” speed is one of the best and most efficient ways we generate power in our Hits. When we’re warm, we’re loose. When we’re loose, we’re fast. When we’re fast, we Hit hard!

Lose the shoes! Wear as little clothing as you’re comfortable with! Ditching the runners and hitting the circuit barefoot, not only helps to keep that body temp down, but can also offer you a whole new perspective on your workout!

Stay Fresh! A cool shower, even before your workout, and a little extra deodorant can help keep you feeling fresh. Haven’t tried our Wipe HIT Off cleansing wipes yet? Get some! Their light fresh scent, and moisturizing formula mean that even after that extra sweaty Hit sesh, you can quickly refresh and get on to whatever your day holds next!

So remember, just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean we take a time-out from caring for our health. And just because you’re spending time outside, doesn’t actually mean you’re being active! Get moving. Get that heart rate up. Generate that sweat. Continue with those healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to create, and adapt to the temperatures; slow down, dress down, drink up, and wipe HIT off!!

– Kristi