If you’ve got goals to achieve, you have to be responsible for all of the steps that are going to lead you there. It is up to you, and no one else, to Hit those targets, and to practice the habits that will lead to your success. You must hold yourself accountable for your actions – or inaction. Here are some simple, fun and effective ways that accountability can aid in your success!

Share Your Goals!

Tell someone who has your best interests at heart what you are trying to achieve, and how you plan to do it. Tell someone who will text you at 4:00 to ask you if you went for your 3:30 Hit session as planned. Tell someone who will say no to Saturday brunch, unless you’ve Hit your goal of completing the circuit three times that week. Choosing to surround yourself with people who care about your goals and your health is a whole other topic, but once you’ve found those wonderful friends, use them and their love for you to help hold you accountable!

Keep Your Bag Packed!

Being prepared is one of the simplest ways to hold yourself accountable when you’ve set a time to go workout. “Not having my stuff” is a pretty easy, (and to be honest, lame) excuse for not doing what you said you would do. Keep your boxing gloves, hand wraps, towel, shoes, and water bottle packed in your Hit bag at all times. Then when that nasty little voice inside your head is trying to find reasons to hold you back, you can knock not being prepared off the list!

Grab a Hit Buddy!

What’s better than a friend who checks in on your progress? One who is there by your side for the whole ride! Having a Hit buddy is a super fun, and very effective way to hold both yourself and your friend accountable. Set a time, meet, Hit! It’s as simple as that! You are not going to leave your buddy hanging, no matter how many excuses try to stand in your way. Soon you’ll discover that showing up for yourself is just as important as showing up for a friend, and you’ll be well on your way to crushing those excuses and those goals. (Already a member? Send your friends a free pass through your members portal and earn points when your buddies sign up for a membership!)

Tell Your Trainer!

Yup, your trainers can be your accountability buddies, too. Tell them when you will be coming in next, and ask them to help hold you accountable. We care about your health and your journey so much, and are happy to give you a little nudge when you need it!

Gamify It!

30 Minute Hit has got this one down! Between sticker challenges, and our newest game of Hit BINGO, our accountability tactics bring out the kid in all of us and work wonders at holding us accountable! I can’t count how many times I’ve said, “I really don’t feel like Hitting today, but I really want that sticker!” and then found myself sweaty and accomplished 30 minutes later, with a new colourful and cute boxing glove sticker by my name! Our current Hit BINGO is a smashing success with women not only showing up to complete fitness goals on their game card, but also to achieve a stronger connection with our community. I have seen women who have made it clear how much they hate to plank, and therefore avoid it, hold a solid strong plank for a full two minutes, strictly because it is a challenge on their BINGO card! We are also witnessing fantastic conversations between our members as they introduce themselves to one another and congratulate one another on their hard work. These introductions and fist bumps are quickly transitioning into friendships, solidifying our community, and our members’ place within it.

Celebrate Your Milestones!

Hit your target this month? Reward yourself! This could come in the form of a yummy treat, that new workout tank you’ve been eyeing, or completing a hike you’ve been struggling with but are now strong enough to conquer due to your dedication to your fitness! Whatever will help you stick to your new found habits and conquer next month’s goals too! Positive reinforcement is a great tool to keep you accountable. Who doesn’t love a pat on the back?!

We are all very good at standing in our own way. In an ideal world we would have no trouble at all setting a goal and sticking to it. But for whatever reason, it is easier to talk ourselves out of doing the right thing. Implementing ways to hold us accountable to the promises we make to ourselves takes a little creativity, discipline and steadfastness – we all know nothing good comes easy – but in the end will become yet another positive outcome of your new found love for fitness! These accountability habits can translate to better eating, sleeping, and work habits, just to name a few. So set and share your goals, pack your bag, grab your Hit Buddy, ask your trainer for help, participate in the gamification of your workout, and celebrate those wins!!

You. Are. Worth. It.

– Kristi Bieber