Excuses, or Results?!

For reasons I doubt I will ever figure out, we humans are very good at talking ourselves out of doing the right thing. I myself have wasted many a morning, gym bag in hand, debating whether or not I should go to the Hit, or just pour myself another coffee.


Why on earth would I even consider not doing something that I am fully prepared to do, that I know is good for me, and that I thoroughly enjoy doing?! Honestly, I have no idea. But I do know this; We can have excuses, or we can have results, but we can’t have both.

I’ll say that again. We can have excuses, or we can have results. We can’t have both.

Women are busy. On any given day, we have at least eight thousand things on the go all at once. The easy thing to do first thing in the morning, on our lunch break, after work, or before bed, is to scroll social media, stay at our desk, order a pizza, or watch TV. Uttering phrases like, “I’m just too tired today” or, “I’ve had a busy day and deserve to just sit down” and always, “I’ll go workout tomorrow”.

So how many “tomorrows” has it actually been? And is creating excuse after excuse for not exercising really easier in the long run? Each day that you let those excuses rule and you procrastinate that workout, yet again, is another day you fall behind. Is another day that you served the wrong little dude on your shoulder, instead of serving yourself.

Also, why do we always look for the easy way out of something? The satisfaction we feel after accomplishing something that took a little grit will always be greater than when we complete something easy, something that really required no effort at all. But I get it, we’re busy and we’re tired, and most days easy sounds a lot better than hard.

Here’s the good news. The hardest part about working out, is absolutely, one hundred percent, getting your butt in the door. At 30 Minute Hit, all you have to do is show up. You walk through those doors, hear those thumping tunes, are greeted with a smile, and are instantly surrounded by women who, just like you, had to fight off those nasty excuses and talk themselves into getting onto those mats. Your trainer is ready for you with inspiration, motivation, and instruction. You immediately feel good about this decision, and just 30 minutes later, you can’t believe you ever even considered not showing up for this! Not showing up, for yourself.

Do not let those excuses dictate your lifestyle. If you want the results that drove you to join the Hit in the first place, then girl, you gotta show up, glove up, and Hit those bags.

It’s easy to find a hundred reasons not to Hit. But you only need one reason to actually do it. So cling fast to that one beautiful reason, whatever it is for you that day, and let’s do this!