Healthy, Happy, Hitters!

Health and happiness go hand in hand. Health is first and foremost about how you feel, and how you function. Understanding, and truly believing, that health is not about how you look is tough for us women. We have been conditioned to equate our happiness with our appearance; this nonsense has typically come to us in the form of a number on a scale. But with ever-increasing social media bombardment, it seems that more and more messages celebrating our appearance versus our actual health are taking over, and those messages are no longer just related to our size. Between lashes, eyebrows, fillers, plumpers, extensions, and designer workout wear – it’s impossible to look the way we are now “supposed” to. And it’s expensive!

Here’s a crazy idea…what if the way you look on the outside, genuinely reflects the way you feel on the inside? Not just in your body, but in your mind, heart, and soul too? There are a lot of “beautiful” and completely miserable people walking around out there. You’d never know it because they’ve spent a fortune to paint on a “happy, healthy” exterior. But what’s the point in spending all that time and money on looking like a happy person, when you could reinvest a little of those resources, and actually be a happy person?!

When you exercise, a number of neurotransmitters are released. These include endocannabinoids, dopamine, and endorphins. Together, these neurotransmitters are responsible for blocking pain, and increasing sensations of pleasure, as well as regulating mood, attention, working memory, sleep cycles, heart rate, attention, and learning. All of those benefits add up to a healthier, happier you – actually!
The 30 Minute Hit circuit is specially designed for women. Not only does it focus on self defense and the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing – skills and sports that have traditionally been male dominated and often intimidating for women – but the specific exercises included are selected to target the areas that women typically require the most focus on, as well as using high intensity interval training (HIIT), to help build heart health and increase cardiovascular endurance. Research published in the journal, Neuropsychopharmacology, found that HIIT led to a significant rise in the release of endorphins versus a lesser release from moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Of equal importance is that our circuit creates feelings of confidence, accomplishment, and empowerment. So while our members experience significant success in their physical goals, they also experience amazing results in their mental health and feelings of self worth. So often we will see a person’s perspective shift from something like wanting to decrease a dress size, to truly appreciating her strong legs and how darn hard she can kick those bags! That strength has purpose on our circuit, and gives her a greater appreciation for her body, as it is! When we see that a member has embraced the powerful potential she has and is no longer trying to change her body to meet some inconsequential social expectation, it is a true measure of success. Body transformation will happen, but it is a minute accomplishment compared to the betterment of your mental health, emotional well being, and increased self-love that also happens. Your happiness matters most!

So ask yourself, do I want to just look happy, or do I want to feel happy? Am I ready to embrace the wonder that my body is and find out what I am capable of?

Don’t just paint happiness onto yourself by spending money on how you look. Invest in how you feel! Take a good look in the mirror and know that you are stunning, and strong, and capable and that your potential is limitless. 30 Minute Hit will meet you wherever you’re at in your journey to wellness, and celebrate you for the powerful, warrior woman that you are!

Kristi Bieber