Good Vibrations!

While the phrase, “good vibrations” often just conjures up visions of a shirtless Marky Mark working a heavy bag, good vibrations are scientifically proven to be much more important even than a (fabulous) 90’s dance track…though good music definitely helps!

Have you ever been around a group of people and for seemingly no reason at all, you are drawn to speak to a particular person over another? This is likely because that person is putting out good vibes, or attractive energy. When we refer to someone as giving off “good vibes”, we may actually be talking about someone who has a raised overall energy, or vibrational frequency. When we vibrate at a high frequency our overall sense of happiness increases, as does the mood of those around us, as they can feel that positive energy emitting from us – your good mood is literally contagious!

The same is true for the opposite kind of energy. Just as we can catch on to someone’s good mood, we can often feel that negative energy even stronger. Those bad vibes have a nasty way of bringing us down, even if we started off the day vibing pretty high ourselves. Don’t let them! Eliminating toxic energy from your life is one of the single most important ways not only to keep that good energy flowing, but to actually improve your quality of life; make healthier decisions, reach success in your achievements, find fulfillment in your relationships, and evoke overall feelings of self worth, self love, and love for others.

Philosophers, psychologists, doctors and researchers all agree that positivity can give us lower levels of depression and anxiety, better coping skills during times of stress, and even better cardiovascular health, just to name a few. So living with a positive mindset, and intentionally trying to raise your vibration really can provide you with some pretty incredible results, both physically and mentally.

A few ways we can try to raise our vibration include; mindfulness, practicing gratitude, performing acts of kindness, spending time in nature, and also spending time with supportive, uplifting people who value your values and goals. Ensuring that you have balance in your life and that you prioritize self care are great ways to create that good energy, and of course, that includes exercise!

30 Minute Hit gives you a workout that is challenging and exciting! Hitting the bags not only releases all those healthy chemicals, but also helps to raise your energy in a very real way – right from your cells! Combine that with our always upbeat music, and a community of supportive, uplifting people surrounding you, and you’ll be vibing high all day long!

So grab your gloves, crank up the Funky Bunch, and Hit your way to those good vibrations!


– Kristi Bieber