Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Alone time is great. Everyone loves a little time by themselves, curled up with a book, relaxing in the tub, taking a leisurely stroll in the sunshine. But we can all agree that when it comes to goals, work, and results, you need an all-star team.

No one is impervious to slacking off, falling behind, or to making choices that don’t serve our goals. This is why it is essential to surround ourselves with a team (or teams), of supportive people who will encourage our personal growth. A team who will hold us accountable, and support and encourage us in whatever it is we are striving for.

As a 30 Minute Hit owner, I have a number of different teams that help me in my success.

My family supports my career, and works together to ensure that everyone gets to where they need to be, that meals are made and chores are completed. And that our time together is meaningful and memorable.

My team of incredible trainers work alongside me to create community and relationships in our Hit, provide stellar training, and to take on tasks according to their talents that help the business grow and thrive.

The corporate team from the 30 Minute Hit head office constantly provides new tools, open minds, and fresh energy to help all Hit owners around the world be successful.

Even my social circle is a team! Friends give us so much emotional support in our endeavors. I can celebrate victories, lament in the hard times, or spend time not thinking about work at all! We all need that down time for locker room talk, after all.

So who is on your team? Who is in your corner to hold you accountable and encourage your success? Who is there to celebrate your victories with you? If we don’t surround ourselves with those who lift us up, it can become far too easy to drag ourselves down.

So whatever your goals may be, whatever path you choose, be sure to find a team that is just as invested and determined for your success as you are!

Kristi Bieber