The Most Positive Business Owner You’ll Ever Meet!!

Being the boss is not always easy. Just like any career, owning your own franchise absolutely has its ups and downs. I spoke with Matt  McDermitt, who owns the 30 Minute Hit Indianapolis location with his wife, Tammy Vance, to find out how his first couple of years as a Hit owner have been, and to get to the bottom of his successes, his struggles, and most of all, his seemingly endless positivity!

What did you do as a career previously?

I had 3 distinct careers before I opened my Hit, and I feel like each one prepared me well for this role. My first career was in the military (U.S. Army) and that’s where I learned a variety of fighting skills and where I first learned boxing, which became a lifelong passion of mine. Once I was discharged, I went into law enforcement, in this career I was the defensive tactics instructor, teaching other officers’ hand to hand combat techniques. This experience really brought out my trainer side and the joy I feel in instructing and training others. Most recently I was a program director with Veterans Affairs. This is where I found my business side of managing and leading others.

Why 30 Minute Hit? Why now?

I call this my “manifest destiny” moment. I was at an event for veterans and happened to get seated next to a career coach, I talked to him for hours that day. Our chats continued in the following weeks, and he mentioned he had a franchise concept I might be interested in. He made the introduction between Stacey Firth and I and within minutes of our first call I knew this was the right fit for me. It felt so right because 30 Minute Hit is all about the things I was seeking in life: helping others, building a communHITy, and working to build something real and genuine. I was at a stage in my life where I wanted my work to be impactful and I was ready for a challenge in life. That was four years ago and it’s still the best decision I ever made.

Can you provide some insight into being a man owning a women’s only fitness studio?

This was a slight concern of mine before we opened. I was worried maybe my presence might negatively impact the women’s only concept, but it turns out I was completely wrong. I know my presence is positive and impactful in my Hit. I believe it is good for our members to hear positive feedback from both male and female trainers. I think the key to success as a male owner is to build trust with every one of my members. I do this in two ways, professionalism and consistency. I know that if I remain a consistent and professional presence in their lives then trust will build. That trust is so very important, because without trust I wouldn’t be able to get the very best out of them.

Tell us about working alongside your wife. 

It’s the best, there is no one else whose input I value more. She is a good complement to all the skills I am weak in. She keeps me focused on goals. And if I have a stupid idea, she is the really good at telling me that. No, but seriously, I love having her on this journey with me, it is very reassuring to know someone has your back, that you have someone you can talk through anything with, and most importantly to celebrate successes with. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her.

Would you describe owning your own Hit location as a roller coaster, or smooth sailing?

To me the Hit feels so real, genuine, and authentic. And just like in real life there will certainly be highs and lows in the journey, so it can feel like a roller coaster at times. What creates a feeling of smooth sailing for me is knowing the importance of my work on the communHity I am building. I know my Hit is important. Not just for my financial gain, but for what it means in the lives of my members, so I try to keep my focus on my members and their experience to avoid the roller coaster feeling.

You guys opened during a pretty tumultuous time. Tell us honestly, have there really been more highs than lows?

  Way more highs than lows, as a Hit owner there is a reward every single day, but you must stay involved in your Hit to be aware of them. Business is so often boiled down to strictly dollars and cents but my journey with 30 Minute Hit has been so much more than that. Without a doubt some days the reward is financial, which is super exciting, but other days it is how far a member has come in their fitness journey. By staying aware in my business even on bad days I get the satisfaction of knowing the positive impact that our work has on a member’s life.  

When those “lows” do happen, what helps bring you back up?

  Easy, when I am down, I HIT. One of the first things I tell anyone who enters my gym is that this workout is just as good for your mind as it is for your body. And I live that belief. When I hit it also reminds me of the power and purpose of the work we do. It is incredible how much better I feel after a Hit workout, it refocuses and recharges me.

Can you think of any specific stories that have reignited your positivity?

One of the most powerful moments for me each year is the annual “Spa Night” we host. This event is a thank you to our members, where we bring in local masseuses, estheticians, nail techs, and eyebrow waxers to provide services to our members. Apart from this being an awesome event, as an owner I love to just watch the commuHITy-building occur. To see the connections and friendships form between members. To me this is what makes the Hit so very special compared to a traditional gym experience.

How do you think your positivity affects your success?

   I firmly believe that your mindset is a choice. You can choose to focus on the positives, or you can choose to dwell on negatives. For me the choice to remain positive is an easy one. I know if I create a positive environment then my members and staff will feed off that, making the entire experience, better for anyone. I often describe the Hit as an oasis, it is a place for my members to escape all the other realities of this world. It doesn’t serve as an oasis without positivity.

I always have to ask, what is your favourite part about being a 30 Minute Hit owner?

The absolute best part of being a 30 Minute Hit owner is the relationships. A member is never just a customer, they are part of my Hit Family. Being a part of their journey, being an important part of their life, and being their friend is so rewarding for me as an owner. I have worked several careers where I thought I was having an impact on the lives of others, but nothing compares to the impact I feel as a Hit owner.

What excites you the most about your business going forward?

The potential! Based on the chaos of the world these past 3 years, I don’t feel like we have even scratched the surface of our true potential. I believe that we haven’t even begun to see a fraction of the people who will need to re-focus on their health after the last 3 years of inactivity. When that wave comes, we will be ready.

Matt is a true embodiment of our HIT core values. He always Hustles for his members and his business, provides constant Inspiration both on and off the mats, and through his Trust in our brand and our values, will continue to empower and improve the lives of the women in his community for years to come. 

 – Kristi