If you know anything about what kind of person it takes to run a 30 Minute Hit franchise, then you know it must be someone with a unique blend of endless energy, a passion for health and fitness, a consistently positive attitude, a good sense of humour, someone intelligent, and maybe just a little bit nuts!

Now picture a conference room in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, filled with these people. As you may well imagine, the energy in a room full of exceptional humans such as these, is pretty incredible! This is the energy of the annual 30 Minute Hit Owners SummHIT. 

Each year, franchisees from all over the world gather for three days of training, learning, connecting, sharing, laughing, eating, and dancing. As a 30 Minute Hit owner myself, I can attest that it is the most inspirational three days of every year, and has without a doubt contributed to the success of my business and in keeping me excited, positive and feeling connected to my Hit Family. 

A rigorous day of physical training kicks off the weekend, as owners get the chance to Hit pads and get sweaty together! The spark this training triggers, gives us an even greater excitement for our product, and solidifies our collective love of fitness, and the Hit. There’s no better way to get to know someone than catching their roundhouse kick! 

Each SummHIT is based on a unique theme that is thoughtfully contrived by 30 Minute Hit founders Deanna and Jackson Loychuck, who not only design, organize and execute this amazing conference, but who also contribute in-person the entire weekend, including a valuable Q and A session where franchisees can openly ask any questions they may have while given this authentic face to face time.

Past themes, always kept secret until our arrival, have included, “Better Together”, “Growth”, “Follow the Recipe”, “Storytelling”, “Superheroes”, “Rock Stars”, “Magic”, and most recently, “The FUN of HIT”.  High caliber keynote speakers, and special guests, are thoroughly educated on both the theme of the weekend, and with exactly what it is we do, so each address is personal and relevant to what we want and need to learn. There is nothing standard or generic about the education we receive. 

Peer panels, and round table discussions, are just a couple of the ways that owners come together and learn from each other. It doesn’t matter if one has been a franchisee for 19 years, or 19 days – each of us has both something to offer, and something to learn, and we all value this time to share with each other. Various social opportunities – with amazing food provided – are also an important part of that connection experience, and are perfectly planned to maximize our enjoyment and our short time together. 

SummHIT wouldn’t be complete without our incredible gala and awards night. Dressed in their finest, franchisees are treated to an evening of yet more delicious food, and a chance to recognize those who have stood out over the past year with an always emotionally charged awards ceremony. The night concludes after all heels have been officially kicked off and we have danced our final dance to Journey’s, Don’t Stop Believing, in a symbolic gesture of the amazing things still yet to come.

For me, and I don’t think I’m alone here, the end of SummHIT always comes too soon. The friendships formed over three days, and then rekindled year after year, are deep and authentic, and special and will last a lifetime. Saying goodbye is always tough, but we dry our eyes and head back to our respective Hits with hearts full of fire and heads full of knowledge, ready to get back home and kick some butt! The countdown to next year’s SummHIT has begun, and we cannot wait until we gather again to Hit, to hug, to learn, to share, and to connect over the successes achieved during our time apart. 

340 days to go! 
  • Kristi