Social Fitness

I usually write these blogs from the relative peace of my home office, but as I sit at the desk in my bumpin’ and thumpin’ 30 Minute Hit studio this morning, I am struck by something special. Something that I just had to start writing about right away. We all know that strengthening our bodies contributes to a healthier and happier life, physically. But what we often forget, or are maybe not even aware of, is how important community, and healthy relationships are to our long term health also. Recent research is showing that we are often not flexing our social muscles enough, and that the loneliness epidemic is real, and it’s serious.

Loneliness makes us feel unloved, unsafe and can break down both our mental and physical health. Combating loneliness does not mean that we all have to be extroverts, it simply means that we need to find relationships or opportunities for connection that contribute meaning to our lives. In a world where digital relationships are taking over, it is more important than ever to seek out opportunities to connect in real and meaningful ways, face to face, with actual humans. Social media has made us complacent and lazy in seeking out ways to connect. We are provided with so many options for artificial connections, we often don’t realize what’s missing until we are so far out of touch with human connection we are unsure of where to even begin to create those relationships.

So what do I see as I look up from my computer and around my 30 Minute Hit? I see humans sharing an experience. I see women, fully alive and vibrant, sweating alongside their sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. I see laughter, as old friends connect. Handshakes and high fives as new relationships are formed. I see connections everywhere. I see Social Fitness!

As at-home fitness programs have become more popular throughout the pandemic, people are neglecting their social health. They may be working out physically from home, but emotionally, there is nowhere to flex those social muscles and fulfill a vital need required for our health. (And let’s face it, how many people out there really just use their home gym as a place to hang laundry?) The shared human experience I get to witness every day, doesn’t always have to include any actual conversation, physical contact, or even eye contact. The shared energy that is vibrating throughout this space is palpable, and is contributing to our members’ social health, maybe without them even realizing it. Just surrounding yourself with positive human energy a few times a week can be a game changer!

So if you find yourself with zero drive to continue those solo, at-home workouts, or you look up around your current gym and see a few people scattered around, all in headphones, listening to their own music, eyes down in their own world, or you’re one of those women who is struggling to find that final piece of her health, or maybe you’re looking to just get started on your journey to wellness – 30 Minute Hit has got you covered. We can offer you expert training, a killer workout, and endless opportunities to connect with others. And if you’re one of those lucky women who already know this, send that referral link! ( Get your friends and family on our mats, not just to create a healthier body, but to help us all increase our social fitness too!

Kristi Bieber