Music Matters!

You’re at a red light when a rockin’ song comes on. You instantly feel the vibes and feel good! You tap your toes, bob your head, and sing along – not even caring that you look like a maniac to the other drivers. Music is a regulating force for our emotions, so on top of using it to sing and dance in our car, we can use it to calm us down, or help us to process a particular feeling at that moment. And, we can use it to motivate ourselves.

Have you ever tried doing an intense workout in silence? Or an activity such as yoga to a high-tempo dance track? I’ll save you the time – it’s awful! You can pretty much tell exactly how your workout is going to go as soon as you hear the music. When the music matches the activity, it increases your stamina, and simply puts you in a better mood! I can guarantee that every time you walk into a 30 Minute Hit, your body and mind are going to respond in a big happy way to the very cool, very upbeat, fun, and exciting tunes we’ve got thumpin’.

On the 30 Minute Hit circuit in particular, music also adds to the wonderful sense of community and camaraderie we provide. Everyone hearing the same song, moving to the same beat and feeling the same energy, enhances your workout in an immeasurable way versus an environment in which each individual wears headphones, working out in her own little world, blocking out the collective energy from the room. Though our members workout at individual stations, with no official classes, sharing in the music helps to bond members together, creating a, “we’re all in it together” feeling.

Music stimulates the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls movement, helping your body complete movements more efficiently. As you practice your skills on the Hit circuit, the thumpin’ music will actually help to increase your heart rate and metabolism. It will assist you in using your energy efficiently, and help to lower your physical and mental stress, as only the magic of music can!

So next time you’re in for a Hit, let the magic of the music fill you up, and add a little pep to those punches. Feel free to try and catch your breath and sing along too!