What is 30 Minute Hit, anyway?

For those of you still scrolling past the ad, driving past the sign, and walking past the door – here’s what you’re missing!

30 Minute Hit is a half hour circuit, with 13 stations, with each station focusing on a different strike, core strengthening exercise, or groundwork self-defence technique. Our membership consists of an inclusive community of welcoming, hard working, goal oriented, strong women who enjoy the endless physical, emotional, and mental health benefits that just half an hour, a couple of times a week, on the 30 Minute Hit mats provides for them.

We use the highly effective styles of martial arts training combined with circuit training and High Intensity Interval Training to deliver the best workout you could never imagine, in just 30 minutes!

Every member has the unique benefit of having an expert trainer by her side each and every workout. Not only to ensure that you are performing the strikes and skills correctly to ensure safety and maximum benefit, but also to challenge members with an endless array of variations. Your trainer promises to keep the 30 Minute Hit circuit challenging and interesting for months, even years, to come.

Got a crazy schedule? You’re not alone! That is why we have formatted our operations to provide flexible hours and no set class times! You never need to worry that a class will be full, or cancelled. You literally show up anytime that works for you, and get (H)it done on your terms! Don’t let the rest of your life get in the way of living your best life! We can all find 30 minutes somewhere in our day!

Not only have we eliminated the very valid excuse of a busy schedule by having a fast, effective and fun workout in just 30 minutes, and by having no set class times, but we have also eliminated the very valid excuse that you may have little ones to take care of that add an extra layer of scheduling chaos to your life. Every 30 Minute Hit includes a fabulous and free kid’s area where the kiddos can hang out, play, and watch mom be a strong shining example of self care!

Ready to get started but have some travel plans upcoming? We’ve got you! No need to wait, just utilize our flexible hold option while you’re gone – or even better yet, take advantage of our amazing Hit@Home online workouts that can be done from anywhere, and keep up those healthy habits from the road!

Honestly ladies, it’s time to stop scrolling and click. Stop driving past and stop walking by. Instead, walk right through the doors of the 30 Minute Hit nearest you and discover what thousands of women before you already have; that 30 Minute Hit changes lives.

Are you ready for it?!