We are Girls with Grit

Often, things are hard. Even more often, things seem harder than they actually are. Without trying said “hard thing”, you will never know exactly what you are capable of.

We have all been in a situation where the task ahead seems impossible. We have all struggled through some level of discomfort and fear. We have all tried and failed at something. We have all got back up again. So when the going gets tough, what is it that makes the tough keep going? It’s called Grit.

Have you ever been so close to accomplishing something important to you, only to have that success threatened right near the very end? When that happened, did you give up, or did you decide that whatever it was you were working so hard for, was more important than that threat? Did you dig down deep into your gut – your soul – and say, “I will not let anything stop me. I am going to do this”.
If you’ve ever persevered, then girl, you’ve got Grit.

Let’s use 30 Minute Hit as the perfect example here. You made up your mind to start exercising – not easy but you did it anyway. You tried out some gyms – an uncomfortable task, but you did it anyway. You chose to become a member at 30 Minute Hit – it felt right, so you went for it!
Now you have to show up. The negative thoughts infiltrated quickly and persistently, trying to stop you from getting to the Hit, but you pushed them aside and showed up anyway. Your mind told you that you were too tired to do another double time, but that voice was replaced by that of your trainer, believing in you and telling you that, “yes, you can!” And you chose to believe the latter, getting another strong double time out of your tired body. You felt like you had nothing left to give, but you dug in, and you decided not to give up, but instead to see what would happen if you just kept going. You found your grit.

I see a lot of women here that don’t even know that they have grit yet, and let me tell you, when I see a person discover her grit for the first time, it’s like magic! You can visibly see a power being unlocked. She becomes a superhero before my eyes. This superhero power has nothing to do with how hard or fast she hits, or how advanced her skill level is. This is all about triumph over that which was holding her back. When we discover that the impossible is in fact not only possible, but totally achievable, we begin to understand that our potential is actually limitless.

Things do not come easily for us women. From politics, to equal pay, to fair opportunity, to bodily autonomy, to safety…we have got to fight for every inch. So I challenge you to give it a try – whatever it is that you’re afraid of, whatever it is that is keeping you from unlocking your potential – just give it a try. Discovering that you have what it takes to do hard things, will not happen if you do not attempt hard things.

If we want to make change, whether it be in ourselves, our families, our places of work, or in this patriarchal world of ours, then we have got to figure out how to dig deep and do the work. In the immortal words of Nelson Mandela, “it always seems impossible until it is done”.

We are Girls With Grit. Let’s get Hit done.

  • Kristi