Ready, Set, HIT!

I’m rewriting the calendar and making September the new January! Who’s with me?

Summer is amazing. It’s so good for us to slow down, focus our attention and energy on family and fun in the sun. But what is also good for us, is getting back to routine and shaking up those priorities once again. September is the perfect time for a fresh start. The lazy hazy days of summer are becoming shorter, the temperatures are cooling. There is a feeling of impending change in the air; change of season approaching, change of routine right around the corner.

It’s time to get your body, mind and soul back on track.

While a break from our usual schedule is lovely over the summer months, having a healthy routine is actually super beneficial to your overall well being. An effective routine can reduce stress, improve sleep, and make smart eating habits and consistent exercise much easier.

The September return to routine looks different for many of us. You may have kids heading back to school, or are finally free from the onslaught of summer house guests. You and your coworkers are done with your vacations and you can all get back to your regular working hours. The days are a bit shorter, altering mealtimes and bedtimes. The weather alters your activities. There’s a palpable change in energy as the summer slowly winds down and slowly starts to shift to that early fall feeling. This is why September is the best time to start what you have been putting off for months now.

“Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so”.
While you may or may not have seen or felt any specific negative consequences from putting off starting a fitness routine, I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen or felt any positive ones either. It’s ok! It was summer…you were chillin’. Now, however, it’s time to begin. If you can establish a solid fitness routine now, you will be set for success in maintaining those wonderful habits throughout the next holiday season that comes around.

Use this natural change of season and routine to do what you keep promising yourself you’re going to do. Your health is not a choice, and it cannot wait any longer. So tighten that ponytail, grab those gloves and get back on those mats! Bring a friend in for her Free Trial while you’re at it, help each other find a return to a healthy routine. If you’re not already a 30 Minute Hit member, what are you waiting for?! On top of being the most fun and effective workout out there, we’ve got challenges, prizes and events happening all this fall at your local Hit studio, all designed to help you succeed and thrive!

No more excuses…Ready, Set, HIT!

– Kristi