New Owner Experience!

We thought it was time to hear from one of our rock star new owners and see what she has to say about her experience becoming a 30 Minute Hit franchisee. Read on to see what Shari, owner of the Brooklyn, NY location, has to say about her journey thus far!

How long have you been open? We have been open for 4 months! Time flies!

When did you decide you wanted to own your own business? Since High School, I’ve had a desire to open my own business, but I didn’t know what kind of business.

What did you do for a career before joining the 30 Minute Hit team? My background is in Finance, Accounting and Human Resources. I still work full time as a Director of Compensation and People Analytics for an Independent Media Company.

How did you decide on the 30 Minute Hit? 30 Minute Hit encompassed all the values on my list of “new career must haves”! I loved the concept of working with and empowering women to find a safe space and to prioritize themselves. Especially in a sport that is typically male dominated and intimidating. I loved the coaching aspect, the flexibility and simplicity of the concept. I also loved the level of support given by the franchise to help ensure success for the franchisees. It was a perfect first step into my entrepreneurial journey!

How did you find the process? From day one, I was supported and guided by Stacey and Alayna. There was a lot of material to reference. The other owners were also very helpful and willing to share as much information as possible. I had a longer process than most people because… COVID. However, once I could start searching for the perfect space again, I was able to smoothly move through the process. Like starting any business, it was very stressful and for me, it was challenging not knowing “everything”. However, the support from the team and the other owners was helpful beyond measure. Anytime I had a question or needed to talk something through, someone was always there. I appreciate the support so much. Overall, the experience was positive. I don’t know how I did it managing my two young sons, my demanding FT job and everything else life throws at you. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself!

Did you enjoy the training you received? Do you still feel supported after opening? The training with Shannah and Yossi was so fun and informative. I learned so much and am better from it. I never thought I’d be able to run the training floor and train other trainers! I was also happy to receive training with another owner – another connection in the bag! I still feel supported via our ongoing training sessions (HIH), and the check-ins from DeWayne and Shannah!

Favorite part so far? My favorite part of owning my HIT is meeting and inspiring other women…women who doubt themselves just like me and then prove themselves wrong! I’m so proud of us!

What are you most excited for, moving forward? I’m most excited about more beautiful and strong women learning about and loving 30 Minute Hit Brooklyn! I want to be known as “the place to go to get a great workout and meet amazing women!”

Advice for others thinking about becoming a 30 Minute Hit franchisee? If you love women and the concept, JUST DO IT! Bet on yourself and take the plunge! It won’t be easy, but nothing that’s worth it is. Do your research, ask a million questions, save up and go for it!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Shari. We are so happy to have you as a part of the 30 Minute Hit family, and cannot wait to watch you continue to change the lives of the women of Brooklyn! – Kristi