30 Minute Hit Trainers – so much more than a job!

“It is wonderful to be able to connect with a diverse and amazing group of women. To be able to encourage, inspire, support, and build each other up!” – Melanie, 30 Minute Hit Trainer

“Being a part of the Hit team means being a part of the 30 Minute Hit bigger picture. I love that my job has real meaning and I know all the other team members feel it too! Hit trainers help build a community of confident, balanced, gritty women. I love that I’m part of that!” – Jody, 30 Minute Hit Trainer

“What I love most about being a trainer is seeing gals improve their skills and fitness week over week…and seeing their confidence in themselves grow as a result!” – Bree, 30 Minute Hit Trainer

These women have really said it all!!

30 Minute Hit members have a trainer by your side each and every workout. While this unique benefit of the Hit is essential for your skill development and motivation, the Hit has such a love for the community aspect of your wellness, you also get the hugely beneficial gift of a trainer who truly loves what they do, and who genuinely cares about you! This is not just a job for our teams. 30 Minute Hit trainers are invested in the overall health and wellbeing of every single member who Hits the circuit. This genuine belief in our program, our brand, and the potential each member carries within herself, results in an authentic and personal experience. Our members know they are in the very capable hands of someone who cares about their success.

A few benefits of having a trainer-assisted workout experience:

1) Proper form and technique!
Our trainers will teach you how to perform exercises with correct form and technique. This is crucial in preventing injuries and in maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts!

2) Motivation and Support!
No one beats a Hit trainer when it comes to this one! We provide the motivation you need to stay consistent with your workouts. We will push you to work harder, and will help you set achievable goals. We can also provide emotional support and encouragement, to help you to overcome mental hurdles and stay focused on those goals!

3) Variety and Progression!
30 Minute Hit trainers will keep you on your toes! They introduce you to a variety of techniques to prevent boredom and plateaus. As your skills and fitness progress, they will continue to challenge you and ensure you’re making those gains!

4) Customization!
Our trainers can safely and effectively modify the Hit circuit to accommodate for physical limitations or injuries you may have.

5) Education!
Trainers not only tell you what to do, but also explain why you’re doing it. This education helps you to understand the principles behind the techniques, helping to keep each station as interesting as it is challenging!

Also, please never underestimate all of the good things that you as a member contribute to the Hit community, and to your trainers! We need you and your energy just as much as you need us!

“Being a part of the Hit team for me means that I get to constantly surround myself with women who make me feel ‘at home’.” – Lindsay, 30 Minute Hit Trainer.

Lindsay adds, “My Hit team provides support, friendship and understanding. We all believe in the importance of fitness and we encourage one another to be the best version of ourselves – as trainers and as moms/friends/human beings. We come together to create this amazing space for other women in the community, and I feel a lot of pride knowing that my fellow trainers and I can create such a positive impact for so many other women in my community.”

This is legit love, ladies. We are not only capable of supporting your fitness journey, but our love for what we do, and for you, is what really makes 30 Minute Hit trainers the best in the biz!