Change the way you exercise in only 30 minutes.

Do you find yourself losing interest in your current exercise routine? Reignite the spark with circuit training! It’s time to say goodbye to the idea of only working out one area of your body at a time. At 30 Minute Hit, we have designed an all-women circuit training workout that mixes things up every two minutes. That way you can engage every part of your body, all within one session and in just half the time of a regular workout. You will never dread exercising again once you see the results! Traditionally, circuit training involves a bunch of stations that target different muscle groups. In each station, there is a specific work out that keeps you engaged until you hit a specific amount of time, then you move on to the next until the workout is complete. At 30 Minute Hit, we follow suit, but with the added benefit of our skilled trainers, a communHITy of empowered women, and a safe space where you can feel comfortable and confident. There are many advantages of circuit training:
  • As you move through each of our 13 stations, you’ll switch off which muscle group you engage and rest. This helps prevent overuse and injury.
  • You get to control the intensity of your workout. There’s no such thing as a modified version here – just proceed at a level you’re comfortable with!
  • Bask in the motivating energy of your workout pals as you complete each station together.
  • When you’re constantly on the move from station to station, you are building up your heart rate and increasing blood circulation – talk about cardio!


BOXING / KICKBOXING Put on your gloves and let our amazing trainers take you through sessions of balance-improving, mood-enhancing boxing/kickboxing workouts. Not only are you strengthening your upper body and core, but you are fueling your endurance to help keep you going through each of your sessions. Research has shown boxing/kickboxing is an ideal cardiovascular workout because of the short bursts of activity. Plus, it’s sure to make you break a sweat and help shed pounds. GENERAL SELF-DEFENCE What’s boxing/kickboxing without some self-defence thrown into the mix? This physical and emotional release workout strengthens your muscles and your mind while in our safe and positive environment. Our self-defence-based circuit stations make you feel empowered as you engage, strengthen, and tone your muscles, while also improving your posture and securing a sturdy balance. This workout inspires movements that are grounded in self-control, confidence, and discipline. CORE STABILITY TRAINING Strong core muscles are an essential part of maintaining overall physical strength in the rest of your body. Not only can core stability help you better engage in most physical activities, but it tells your muscles to work together better to help you remain stable, balanced, and strong. Our workout helps strengthen each group of core muscles so they work in harmony to create stability in the rest of your body. When you strengthen your core, you’re essentially helping to strengthen everywhere else.

Who’s ready to work the circuit? Get a full-body workout in 30 minutes.