Hustle. Inspire. Trust.

At 30 Minute Hit, our mission is simple. We want to strengthen our community, by strengthening our women. How do we aim to achieve this? Through our core values: Hustle, Inspire, Trust.

To us, hard work is the only kind of work. We will hustle, endlessly, to ensure that each and every member-experience is as close to perfect as possible. We consistently train ourselves and our teams to provide top notch training and service to our community. Did you know that 30 Minute Hit franchise owners have mandatory training with one of our head trainers every two weeks?! These training sessions create an unmatched quality of expertise in our leaders that is then passed along the line to your trainers to provide you with continued education, inspiration and connection to our program. As we are such hard workers ourselves, we expect the same from you! We will always be there for you to help you push those boundaries, work just a little bit harder, and leave those comfort zones in the dust!

Not only will our teams always be there by your side to ensure you are giving it your all, and showing yourself what you’re made of, but we will often be found sweating right along with you. Owners and training staff alike are here because we love this workout just as much as you do, and there is nothing we love more than Hitting those bags with our community, and feeling that energy and inspiration that is innately shared when we rise to the challenge of the 30 Minute Hit circuit together. Sure we’ve got lots of inspiring and motivating things to say, and ways of helping to get the best out of you, but we are absolutely inspired in return when we smash bags alongside our sisters!

Fitness is personal. We can feel at our most vulnerable when working out, especially when trying something new. Overcoming a roadblock, or even just having had a bad day, can make us feel discouraged or put those pesky butterflies in our tummies when we approach our workout.
Every day that I go to work in my Hit, I feel so proud of the contribution I get to make to my community. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are a company that operates with the utmost integrity, with our members’ best interest at the centre of everything, and I feel so fortunate that so many incredible women trust us with their fitness every single day. We promise you that no matter where you are at on any given day, we will always meet you exactly where you need us to. We will always be a safe and trustworthy place to abandon those insecurities and for you be the most raw version of your wonderful self.

So whether you’re just starting to explore 30 Minute Hit as an option, you’ve been a member with us for years, or you’re anywhere in between, we will Hustle for you, Inspire you, and consistently instill confidence that you can always Trust us, every single day.
And in return, we will continue to appreciate your own hustle when you come and smash those bags. We will relish in the inspiration we get from your dedication and achievements. And we will continue to trust in your insights, your questions, and your ability to blow the roof off your potential.