3 Reasons Why You Should Try Boutique Fitness

Boutique fitness continues to be a fast-growing subset of the fitness industry. With a singular training focus and a refined user experience, these high-end studios have redefined the landscape of the industry in the past decade and now account for a huge portion of membership growth. The big-box gyms that were near-ubiquitous in the ’80s and ’90s no longer dominate the fitness scene. Why are so many gym-goers choosing these niche studios instead of traditional box gyms? There are 3 defining factors that make boutique fitness an appealing option for both new and experienced exercisers looking for a richer, more premium workout experience. CONNECTION Unlike traditional big-box gyms which can feel impersonal, disconnected or downright intimidating from a member perspective, boutique studios offer a smaller, more intimate, and community-centered approach to their fitness plans. Gone are the airplane hangar-sized rooms filled with seemingly endless rows of complex and confusing machines, the walls of televisions, and the dreary, barely audible elevator music. Boutique fitness studios are known for their smaller spaces which are most often modern, upscale, and cozy; providing an environment that their members find both familiar and comfortable. Membership sizes are smaller than those at traditional gyms, offering the perfect space to create community connections and bonds between coaches/trainers and the membership base, and foster positive relationships and support systems. QUALITY Boutique fitness centers are most known for their niche fitness offerings. This means that members of a given studio know exactly what to expect when they walk through the doors and that they will receive quality instruction from their coaches. Having a tight focus on one or two main workout styles means instructors know their product inside out and can provide a top-notch workout. There are no internet fads or making it up as they go; these instructors are highly trained, and experts in their niche. Smaller group sizes also mean members get one-on-one instruction and that personal trainer touch, without the lofty price tag. Instructors interact with members during their workouts to ensure they’re getting the most out of each session and hitting their goals. This also applies to the studio as a whole; with a smaller member roster, instructors become familiar with individuals and their specific needs, which offers the opportunity to provide an even higher level of service that just can’t be matched by big-box gyms. EXPERIENCE  Boutique studios are anything but generic; each brand works tirelessly to cultivate its unique aesthetic and community vibe that can’t be found anywhere else. In-studio floor plans, color schemes, decor, and equipment – all of these have been carefully curated for the brand, with every sight, sound, and often even smell specifically chosen to set the tone and enhance the member experience. But the physical space is just one part of the experience. Imagine this scenario: you step into a boutique fitness studio. The bright, natural light and upbeat music soundtrack pumping in the background mix with the sounds of your peers mid-workout, the space buzzing with energy. And instantly you feel more energetic, too. The instructor smiles and greets you by name. Other members are a sea of familiar faces and greet you enthusiastically. You work out together for 30+ minutes; camaraderie develops while you sweat it out together. The coach motivates, challenges, and instructs the small group, both individually and as a whole. In the end, you feel the collective surge of endorphins and celebrate together – another workout complete! You chat with your fellow members, including new faces whom you’ve just met but already feel connected to, as you stretch and cool down and make plans to do it all again tomorrow. This holistic experience, which is so much more than the sum of its parts, is what sets boutique fitness apart from traditional gym settings. Members may initially come for just the workout, but the emotional connection created between members and the studio through the shared experiences of each visit is what keeps them coming back. Are you ready to experience everything boutique fitness has to offer? Find a 30 Minute HIT location near you and discover new physical and mental strengths you never thought possible!